March 2014

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Astra joined a creative arts day for home educators. She took part in a dance class, a singing class, and a drama class. She decided not to go back to these classes but continues to make up songs most days, and we have been dancing together in front of our large mirrors!

We went to a performance by the Bell Shakespeare company, entitled, ‘Double Trouble’. It was Shakespeare for children, very cleverly written and a great first introduction for Astra. She thoroughly enjoyed the play and we talked a lot about it afterwards.

We went to a dinner party with Andy’s boss. Astra loved the meal and enjoyed the evening a great deal. We’d agreed that if it got boring for her she could use her computer with headphones, and she did do this after the meal was finished. She enjoyed explaining minecraft to the other guests and telling them about the things she had done recently.

We went up the tallest building in Sydney with our friends. Before we went up there was a ’4D Cinema experience’, interesting given our recent discussions about dimensions! The view at the top was awesome, and we all had fun picking out places we had visited or knew, and looking at the various roof gardens.

Afterwards we had a lovely Chinese meal in the food court, and went to Tumbalong Park.

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We did some crafting for St. Patrick’s Day. I had a few ideas to start us off and Astra developed them, deciding to add a pot of gold and a sun to my rainbow idea. She got the hang of drawing circles with a compass.

We talked about who St. Patrick was, and why the shamrock was associated with him. We talked about leprochauns and pots of gold.

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Astra woke from a scary dream about dimensions and wanted to know what dimensions actually are. Andy explained it to her. She wanted to understand what the 4th dimension means, so he explained this too. We looked at some multidimensional shapes on an app that Andy had downloaded recently.

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Astra and I liked Dee Why so much, we decided to go back there with Andy. We missed the ferry so we had half an hour to listen to some didgeridoo playing. It was very good. Astra and Andy spent a long time in the sea together and it was sunset when we finally caught the ferry home.

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We went to our usual Thursday park meeting. One of Astra’s friends brought a Crayola ‘scratch’ colouring book, and they all made pictures in it. Astra has started getting pocket money. We agreed on $8 per week, one dollar for each year of her age. She has decided to save 20% of it, give 10% away, and spend the remaining 70%. No doubt inspired by this new change to her life, she chose ‘The Pocket Money Game’ for us all to play.

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We went to see our friends at their home in Dee Why. Astra and her friends drew some pictures together, Astra drew one of her Mino Monsters. As they live so close to the beach, we went for a play there. There are pools where Astra was able to practise her swimming strokes. The sea was mostly calm and beautifully warm. There are also rock pools where Astra and her friends had a good time pretending to be animals.

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We all went into town to do a little shopping and go to the zoo. We walked through the Queen Victoria Building and around Chinatown and Tumbalong Park on the way home. At the zoo we finally saw the Tasmanian Devil up and about, and the koalas were also lively (well, awake!). Now Food Teddy had a great time pretending to be bait and Astra completed the Adventure Trail.


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We went to the park with friends. We were thrilled to see a possum wandering about, it was very tame and very cute. That was in Hyde Park, where the children played with the trees. Then we went to Tumbalong Park and the children played with the water. As we were leaving for home, a lady appeared with a huge bunch of balloons, and started handing them out to the children. A nice surprise!

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We went on an organised trip to the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. The children dressed up and spent the next hour being treated as convicts. They tested out the sleeping quarters, and did some bricklaying. Astra stuck her hand up immediately when asked who had been naughty, and her punishment was for the other convicts to build a brick chimney around her. They then had a go at making the bricks themselves. There were some talks about the type of lives the convicts had both before and after being shipped to Australia.

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