April 2014

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We had a ‘Hair and Nails’ session








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We started a Word Tree of all the words Astra can read












We made fondant Roses








A friend came for dinner so we baked a cake








We went to Sydney Observatory for ‘Earth Hour’







Andy and Astra began their ‘Temple Run’ battle






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Another circus workshop









We went to see a play, ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’







We went to the Powerhouse Museum








We caught the ferry to Cockatoo Island for the Sydney Biennale








We saw bridge walkers on top of the harbour bridge







Astra and her friends played Superheroes on the ferry








Crazy harbour







One of the installations on Cockatoo Island








Another art installation, houses that looked like faces


















Enthralled by a strange 70′s style video installation







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We made another cake

















We went to a ‘lego movie party’ with friends and went to see the new lego movie together











We spend a lot of time on trains!







Astra met some parrots at the Easter Show









She really liked this bird



























Lots of fun at the Easter Show








We watched the wood chopping contest
















Astra had her face painted









We went on the Ferris wheel together







Astra loves her new Pokemon gear








We decorated twigs in the Finnish way, for our Easter table decoration







And we had some fun with chocolate









Our Easter table decoration and lots of chocolate