Computer games and Slime

We took Astra’s computer to our friends’ house so they could all play minecraft together on the same wifi. Astra loves minecraft.

DSC02584 (400x300)I don’t tend to write about minecraft, or to tag it, but there is so much learning that goes in when Astra is playing, both with this and Animal Jam, another game she plays. Money, Numeracy, Time, Shapes, relationships (since she is usually playing with other people), design, maps, reading and writing, problem solving, planning….


We went to the Powerhouse again, with a group of home educators. We’ve visted the games exhibit several times already. This time Astra wanted to play some of the old fashioned arcade games. We agreed that they were much harder than the games she is used to. We noted that Minecraft was designed by a Swede, interesting in that one of the other big games, Angry Birds, was designed by a Finn.

DSC02593 (400x300)

DSC02592 (300x400)DSC02595 (400x300) DSC02600 (400x300)









There was a short workshop available, to make your own slime, so Astra took part in that.







And of course did lots of dancing.